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Club Repair Services

Most repairs are completed in 5-6 days from arrival. Items are then shipped immediately via UPS. The metal wood refinishing process takes approximately 10-14 days to complete.  We offer an express service at an additional cost of $15.00. Club repairs will be completed in 1-2 days, and refinishing will be completed in 3-4 days.

Loft & lie adjustments are done on a Mitchell Steelclub angle machine.

Our regripping service includes stripping of all old tape and ensuring that all new grips are the same size. We use a measuring device to make sure grips are the same size. We can also oversize or undersize the grips for you. We can get just about any grip on the market; please ask for a price quote.

We pay very close attention to your requirements and specifications with our reshafting service. We use a heat gun and shaft extractors to pull shafts. This ensures that no heat damage occurs to the club. In some applications, the shaft is drilled out.  We use 24 hour epoxy to ensure a good bond. We then cut the club to length to your specifications.  Please click here to view a complete list of shaft prices.   We have access to most shafts .

Golf Equipment Repair Pricing
*Any iron is subject to breakage when adjusting loft/lie.  No guarantee against shaft breakage.
Iron loft or lie adjustment.* $6.50 each
Tip trim & prep shaft $6.50 each
Locate shaft spine $9.50 each
Ream iron head to .370 $15.00 each
Lengthen club (includes grip) $15.00 each
Shorten club (includes grip) $15.00 each
Tighten loose head $15.00 each
Regrip w/ Tour wrap $8.50 each
Regrip w/ Winn Dri-Tac grip $9.50 each
Remove & replace shaft* $25.00 each
Shipping $10.00 each

For more information regarding our services, contact us.

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